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Много английских букв, но таково письмо от разрабов



   It is with no small amount of pride that I want to share the opening sections of our “First 30 Days of Beta 1” document with all our Backers and other interested parties. As I’ve been saying for months, this document is a lightly redacted version of a document that I authored for the team, which laid out a lot of the features that we need to have in our game for the opening of Beta 1. While we will still use our Beta 1 Checklist, this document will give our Backers a chance to have greater insight into what they can expect when we enter the Beta 1 testing phase. Originally at over 70 pages, this document stands apart, at the very least, from what developers usually share with the player base before or even after a game is launched. Before we began the Kickstarter, we promised that we would do things differently, and this is another example of us keeping that promise.

   We are releasing this document in stages. The size of each release is inversely proportional to the amount of time/consideration that I expect will need to go into talking about the sections on our Forums. I want to make sure that I/we have the time to address any concerns our Backers have about a section before we move on to the next section. Today’s release encompasses six sections, and future releases will probably be smaller. We will continue to follow this pattern up to the opening of Beta 1 and beyond, as this is intended to be a “living document,” and will be updated both before and after the opening of Beta 1.


 What to expect from this document:

  • It is meant to inform our Backers and prospective Backers about what to expect when we open Beta 1.
  • As it is based on the same document that the team is using, it focuses, whenever possible, on high-level items, mechanics, systems, etc.
  • There will be sections missing and/or items that are redacted for now. Because we are releasing it in sections, references to certain future sections were redacted for obvious reasons.
  • As a living document, it will change over time. Some things may be added, some may be taken away. As required by lawyers everywhere: Everything here is subject to change. OTOH, as you folks have seen since the Kickstarter, we’ve stuck quite closely to our original vision and I’m quite proud of that. The temptation of cutting features and delivering a LIVE MVP (minimal viable product) has appealed to some teams, but we aren’t among them.
  • Lots and lots of information, but not everything. I tried to lay out as much as possible for the team, but I didn’t cover every item for Beta 1. As per above, expect additions to this document over time.
  • Some sections which aren’t in the document that you think should be. As per the above, we didn’t get everything in there, and we didn’t try. Some of the things that I expect Backers may have wanted to hear could not be covered here. It doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about them, or will not have them, etc.
  • Some surprises. There are things in the document that we have never talked about before now. Don’t worry, it’s all good, nothing has changed from our Kickstarter goals, nor have we significantly expanded the scope.

What not to expect from this document: It is not meant to be the “one document to rule them all,” or anything like that. Do not expect to see everything you might have wanted to see covered in this document. It is currently over 70 pages long, and, as per above, it’s long enough for now. My assumption was that you folks would prefer to see this document sooner rather than later.

  • Details about exactly how some systems/mechanics will work in the game. We have other internal documents that lay out the details of systems/mechanics. If we tried to incorporate them into this document, it would have made War and Peace look as short as A History of Honest Politicians. Plus, as we’ve said from the beginning, we aren’t going to release all our internal documents. So, you will see a lot of information about some items, less for others.
  • A lot of flowery language/prose/etc. While I’ve added sections to the document entitled “MJ Notes” to give the readers some additional insight into our thinking about various topics, this document is not meant to present a “walk-through” for the first 30 days of Beta 1.

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Иллюм, когда же бета?

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